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About Us

We build brands that aim to engage and raise awareness about the threats to our environment.

What makes us unique


We bring our customers together through our products and events. We offer experiences that align with their values, challenge their assumptions, lift their spirits and help transform themselves and the world they live in.

Our aim is to build awareness of the environmental crisis caused by our consumption-habits, using business and commerce as our medium.

Point of creation

We seek to go beyond rapid fashion cycles which produce waste and obsolescence and instead design more responsibly, for people who think about the long-term impact of fashion on the environment as well as demanding the highest standards of quality and style.

Mission orientated

We develop brands with a purpose, mindful of our impact. MoralMove embodies the possibilities for consumers to move together in new ways to make the world a better and more beautiful place. Reaching out to society through our brands, products, blogs, events, education and outreach programmes we are raising awareness about the fashion industry, waste, the environment: and things we can do to help it.

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